Our Pure Orchids are grown from selective breeds of Taiwanese orchids.


pure orchids

We start with the finest, select breeds of Taiwanese orchids. These orchids are well known for their high bud count and large petals. The orchids then spend the next six months in our greenhouses being nurtured by our seasoned team of orchid growers.

The perfect environment is created, giving the proper amount of humidity and adjusting the temperature and lighting based on the plant stage. Each orchid is individually staked with decorative bamboo to provide support as the plant forms buds and blooms. This special care ensures healthy, happy plants with beautiful, long-lasting blooms.


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ColorFuze orchids start with our premium 5” orchids. We then inject a patented, non-toxic dye into the stems. The dye infuses through the flowers and buds, creating a deep rich color with stunning variations in the trailing buds.

We are only one of three licensed U.S. producers of dye-infused orchids.

ColorFuze orchids are available year round. With eight colors available, there is always a perfect choice for any season!


micro minis

Our Micro Mini orchids, with a height range of no more than 10” fit just about anywhere. Perfect on a kitchen windowsill, desk, or corner shelf; they brighten just about any spot.

Displaying upwards of 8-10 flowers, they provide bright, intense color.

Our orchids are grown in a potting mixture of sphagnum moss and coconut fibers. This mixture has superior moisture retention, helping to keep the moisture level optimal and minimizing the need for watering. This ease of care is not only beneficial to the plant, but also to your floral department and the end consumer.