Pets love it and there is nutrition is every nibble!

healthy greens oat grass

Healthy Greens Oat Grass – Nutrition In Every Nibble!

Why is Oat Grass so beneficial to your pet’s diet?

Oat grass contains many elements to keep your pet healthy and happy. Along with 16 vitamins and 13 minerals, oat grass adds beneficial dietary fiber and fundamental nutrients that can aid the digestive system and keep your pet’s coat healthy. Oats are also wonderful for strengthening your pet’s nervous system and keeping hyperactive animals calm.

Finally, Healthy Greens will keep your pet’s breath fresh and clean. Pesticide-free and pet friendly, Healthy Greens is perfect for Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, Birds and Rabbits. Try some today!



benefits of oat grass

• Pesticide free and nontoxic

• Provides essential vitamins and folic acid

• Aids in digestion

• Helps freshen breath

• Wholesome alternative to hazardous houseplants

• Easy to maintain and ready to use

• Grown using only purified water

• Removes hair balls


buy in bulk

Many pet owners pick up a container of live oat grass once a week so their pets can have a constant supply of fresh Healthy Greens.

Let your pet nibble Healthy Greens directly from the pot, or clip small pieces from the top of the grass and serve with their regular food.

Pets love to nibble oat grass because it provides much needed roughage and satisfies their instinctive craving for fresh vegetation. Purchasing Healthy Greens weekly provides your pet with consistently fresh indoor grazing opportunities.

Place Healthy Greens near a sunny spot in your home and keep moist.