Plainview Growers 32 YEARS OF GREENHOUSE EXCELLENCE Read More Expanding Our Horizons Over 18 acres of premium growing space. Committed To Quality We never stop working to provide you with
the highest quality plant products.



Our new line of eco-friendly plants are truly easy care! Hardy and durable, these plants perform well most anywhere. They enjoy filtered light and require very minimal watering.



Our Pure Orchids are grown from selective breeds of Taiwanese orchids. Our orchids are sought after for their high bud count and large petals.  Go ahead – indulge your senses!



Our large inventory includes patented varieties from the Netherlands. These varieties are unique in character, have better growing habits, and grow with more intense color.



Plainview is also one of the largest annual producers in the northeast. Our annual program begins in March with pansies, violas and cold crops and continues throughout spring with flats, pots, hanging baskets, combination planters, etc.



Plainview Growers has been servicing Independent Garden Centers since it was incorporated in 1985. We recognize the importance of IGS’s in the floral industry and prides itself in supplying these stores with the best quality plant material on the market.



Plainview Growers is the largest Phalaenopsis orchid grower in the New York Metropolitan area. Plainview recognized that Phalaenopsis orchids are the top selling flower for floral design, weddings and special events.

The Plainview Promise

Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price, and to operate our business in a professional and profitable manner.

We will constantly strive to provide superior service through the implementation of innovative ideas and technological advances necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Our coordinated efforts will contribute to the success of our business partners and our employees by emphasizing quality, value, honesty, fairness and respect in every business situation.

That's the Plainview Promise.

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EasyCare® is an exciting range of green plants known as sansevieria with outstanding standards of quality and consistency. The plants are selected from among the most resilient that nature has to offer, and they have been acclimatized to ensure that you will be able to enjoy them in your home for a long time to come. Click here to read more on EasyCare…



Plainview’s new offering of beautiful and exotic Sansevieria is something you’re really going to like. Known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife‘ of plants, this gorgeous and versatile plant is low water, eco-friendly, and is able to remove multiple types of toxins from the air.



The Dragon fingers (sansevieria cylindrica) is a remarkably resilient and decorative house plant. It thrives in direct sunlight or in semi-shade. Tolerate extreme drying-out of the potting medium.  Gentle watering once a week in the summertime is sufficient.



If you want the plant to grow and develop new shoots, place it in a bright spot and add a low concentration of fertilizer when watering in the summer months. It thrives at normal room temperatures from 15 to 30°C.