Strong & Resilient: Our line of plants offer a unique and exotic look.


Greenplants & Foliage

Our Greenplants and Foliage are a popular range of plants with outstanding standards of quality and consistency. They are selected from among the most resilient that nature has to offer, and they have been acclimatized to ensure that you will be able to enjoy them in your home for a long time.

Cultivation takes place in Thailand, where ideal climate conditions ensure the highest possible quality and the lowest possible impact on the environment. The plants are cultivated without any use of energy for heating or artificial lighting. The plants are transported by sea from Thailand to regional markets. This is by the far most eco-friendly way of transporting goods over long distances.


Before reaching the retail stores, plants are acclimatized at local partners in Europe, North America and Asia.



Our line of eco-friendly plants are truly easy to take care of!

Hardy and durable, these plants perform well most anywhere. They enjoy filtered light and require very minimal watering.

Exotic and contemporary looking, our Greenplants and Foliage are sure to grab attention! Sold in both plastic grower pots and sleek ceramics.

From the deep rich spikes of Sansevieria – fanned, twisted, or grown into a braid. To the unusual look of Euphorbia and Adenium.

These hardy and extremely low maintenance plants perform well most anywhere!



Our plants and plant decorations are characterized by classic Scandinavian design combined with Asian aesthetics and an Asian eye for detail.

We see plant-growing from a global perspective. Production is located where climate conditions ensure the highest possible quality and the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Propagation and vegetative growth take place in the tropics, in the plants’ natural environment. Then we load the plants into reefer containers and ship them by sea to their final markets to be sold. There the plants are acclimatized to prepare them for life in surroundings with less light and a climate quite different from their original habitat.