Plainview Growers was established in 1985 as a finished bedding plant and potted crop producer servicing garden centers and florists in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Plainview Growers and the Van Vugt family today stand ready with our nearly 30 years of growing experience and a qualified catalog of industry successes to meet your needs with the very best product that can be grown and shipped.


Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price.


Young Plants

Plainview Growers has been a leader and innovator in the young plant industry for over 20 years. Plainview pioneered the “100% filled” plug tray in the 1990’s which has now become a standard for the industry.


Using the latest technology and growing techniques, Plainview produces the most consistent, highest quality plug on the market. Our plug catalogue includes all genera and varieties from the large plant breeders and many unique herbs and vegetables.


Liners & Plant Plugs

ProPlug quality begins with a precisely sown tray germinated on the bench in our greenhouse. As the seedlings emerge, they are regularly evaluated for vigor and uniformity. When the seedlings are at the optimum stage they are run through our patching system, a two step process in which


empty cells are removed and the spaces filled with healthy seedlings. After patching, the trays are returned to the greenhouse for a period of 2-3 weeks for finishing. The end result is a full and uniform plug tray which is at the perfect stage for transplanting.

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We Are A Red Fox Rooting Station

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We Are A Red Fox Rooting Station


Proud Partner With Dummen Group

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