Plainview Growers was established in 1985 as a finished bedding plant and potted crop producer servicing garden centers and florists in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Plainview Growers and the Van Vugt family today stand ready with our nearly 30 years of growing experience and a qualified catalog of industry successes to meet your needs with the very best product that can be grown and shipped.


Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price.


Our Pompton Plains location:

Google Maps: 229 Farm Road, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444


Our Allamuchy location:

Google Maps: 101 Gibbs Road, Allamuchy, NJ


Q. How far past the original ship date will you offer your product for sale as availability?
A. Our growing staff constantly evaluates all products being held in availability. Any plug trays not meeting our quality control standards are immediately removed from current inventory. If product shows in our availability it is in top condition.

Q. Do I need to contact my broker in order to place an order?
A. Yes. We require all brokers to supply us with a purchase order before product can be shipped.

Q. Can my availability order be combined with my weekly plug shipment?
A. Yes. We will make every effort to send both orders together.

Q. Would it be possible to have product shipped prior to the scheduled ship week?
A. We do not recommend shipping plugs before their finished date. Care of the plug during the final stage before shipping is critical to the plugs ultimate performance.

Q. How often is Plainview Growers availability updated?
A. Both young plant and finished plant availability is live on our website. Orders can be placed on line as well

Q. What are your shipping methods?
A. We use the following:
• Federal Express
• Air Freight
• LTL Heated service on Plant Pack Shipping Towers
• Grower Truck
• Customer Pick Up

Not all of the above methods may be suitable for your specific shipping needs so please contact us for details.

Q. What is the latest I may place an order to receive shipment during the current week.
A. For Federal Express: By Wednesday 3:00pm EST. Orders that must ship on Thursday will ship overnight at customer expense.
For Air Freight: By Tuesday 3:00pm EST.
Orders placed for same day shipping must be in our office by 10:00am EST.
Please contact us for Grower truck and LTL service schedules

Q. What is the minimum order for Fedex or Air Freight?
A. We will ship a minimum of 1 box to a customer. We can normally fit between 4 and 7 plug trays per box depending on plug size. Your shipping cost will be based on the weight of a full plug box. 

Q.Can I pick up my plug order?
A. Yes. Pick up customers are usually scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Q. What is my minimum order if I schedule a pickup?
A. The minimum order for pick up customers is one tray.

Q. What size trays are available?
A. We offer our plugs in the following sizes. 
.... 512/ sold as 500
.....288/ sold as 280
.....144/ sold as 144

Our plug trays are as follows:

8 x 8 Octagon | 12 x 24 Octagon | 16 x 32 Square


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