Plainview Growers was established in 1985 as a finished bedding plant and potted crop producer servicing garden centers and florists in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Plainview Growers and the Van Vugt family today stand ready with our nearly 30 years of growing experience and a qualified catalog of industry successes to meet your needs with the very best product that can be grown and shipped.


Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price.


A number of positions are open in our Growing Department. Currently looking for:

• Senior Growers - Experienced

• Assistant Growers - Experienced or will train

• Others - waterers, miscellaneous growing activities

Please forward your resume and/or contact information to our Human Resource department at or fax information to (973) 696-3685.

Greenhouse jobs can be rewarding careers for people with a deep interest in horticulture.
The work is dirty and can be physically exhausting, but greenhouse workers enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction in cultivating healthy plants and flowers. Very few greenhouse positions require a college degree, but a 2-year certificate in horticulture can lead to a managerial position or specialized role at a nursery. If you want to work in a greenhouse, follow the guidelines

Decide whether a greenhouse job suits your personal skill set. Most jobs in nurseries and greenhouses require both physical strength and a general understanding of all aspects of horticulture. Some of the basic requirements of working in a greenhouse include:

Physical strength: Most of the work greenhouse workers do requires only moderate physical exertion. Typically, duties include pruning plants, transplanting seedlings and cultivating flowers. But greenhouse workers often have to carry heavy bags of soil and other material throughout the day. They also may be required to unload flower pallets.

• Botanical knowledge: Most greenhouse workers can expect to get on-the-job training, but a basic understanding of plant care is beneficial. This work includes proper fertilization and watering of plants,
and controlling pests.

• Customer service skills: Greenhouse workers can expect to interact with customers, answering plant-care questions and performing basic sales functions.source - WikiHow

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