Plainview Growers was established in 1985 as a finished bedding plant and potted crop producer servicing garden centers and florists in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Plainview Growers and the Van Vugt family today stand ready with our nearly 30 years of growing experience and a qualified catalog of industry successes to meet your needs with the very best product that can be grown and shipped.

100% Filled Plug Trays

Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price.

 PVG 100% Filled Plug Trays
What are 100% filled plug trays?
They are plug trays that are 100% full of healthy seedlings ready for the transplanter. The trays are taken at an early stage of development and evaluated for fullness of stand and the quality of seedlings by sophisticated computer imaging equipment. Poor quality seedlings are replaced and trays are returned to the bench to finish growing to their maximum potential.


• Trays contain known numbers of useable plugs = no guesswork!
• Trays are fixed to 100%, but are billed slightly lower to insure total value.
• Trays are fixed at an early stage of development.
• Improved uniformity.

• Healthier, stronger root systems.



• Ability to closely calculate what is needed to fill available greenhouse space.
• Reduce shipping costs.
• Reduce handling of trays.
• Reduce amount of holding space required while planting.
• Reduce labor costs at transplant line.
• Less used trays for recycling or disposal.


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