A Passion For Growing

Plainview Growers has two locations in New Jersey.

Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price.

We will provide excellent service through the use of innovative ideas and technological advances necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Our coordinated efforts will contribute to the success of our business partners and our employees by emphasizing honesty, fairness, and respect in every business situation.

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Exciting Pure Beauty Orchids!

An agreement with two Taiwanese orchid breeders and producers became the foundation for a high quality orchid program.

Pure Beauty Orchids from Plainview Growers

Phalaenopsis orchids became an important part of Plainview Growers offerings as soon as they were added in 2008.

Select Pure Beauty Orchids are treated with an exclusive process that pulls gorgeous color tones throughout the flower. The color is literally infused into the plant.

The result is an orchid that retains color and does not bleed or leach. As the orchid matures, the vibrant hues cascade into softer pastel tones as new buds grow down the spine of the plant...

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Pure Beauty Orchids from Plainview Growers